Alan Blake

Alan had been an enthusiastic member of the Worthing Numismatic Society since joining us in 1982 and after a brief period as Chairman, became our Secretary for many years, until he was forced to take a leave of absence earlier this year following heart problems. Alan was born and raised in the Broadwater area of Worthing, but subsequently relocated with his family to Rainham in Kent, thus regularly travelling a very long distance to and from our meetings, hardly missing any. He was a stalwart supporter of BANS and had many numismatic contacts across the country covering a wide range of specialities and was able to assemble an excellent programme of speakers for Worthing throughout the past twenty years. He also fulfilled a similar role for the Bexley Coin Club since joining them in 2002. He kept our Society's archives, recording almost a half-century of Meetings and shared enthusiasm. He also, together with Fred Meek, maintained and up-dated the Worthing Website.

Alan excelled at organising outdoor activities, such as struggling up and over the ramparts of Maiden Castle in Dorset after being allowed to see a coin of Cornelia Supera and other Roman rarities from the 1936 Dorchester hoard and linking a visit to see Oliver Cromwell's home in Ely with being able to hold, not just one but two, original"Ides of March " denarii at the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge. We also shared an interest in aviation and attended many air displays over the years. I feel slightly responsible for Alan's final collecting interest after showing him some of my ancient coins. He became quite enthusiastic and decided to amass a portrait collection of as many Roman emperors as he could. I did warn him that the target would be at least 96 and that very few collectors ever achieve that number. He only became more determined and I was very pleased to receive a list from him in March, indicating that he had reached 62. Tragically however, several days after a successful operation, Alan suffered a heart attack and died on the 27th of April. He was sixty nine. He will be sadly missed and I am sure that, given just a little more time, he would have acquired most, if not all 96 Emperors.

Derek Aldred